Saturday, December 20

He was born for me again - In a store window in Chesterville, Ontario December 19, 2014.

It is a night when the power of love is all lit up.
Years ago, I was in the Architectural lighting Business.

Hi and welcome in. This is Home for me. My Name is Don Wesley. I'm a Christian and I claim to know God as much as one can. There are many very deep levels of knowing. Jesus however, always seems like the only child of the King. We can it seems hold him.

He is part of every child who is born to a Mother.
This evening, December 19, 2014, I saw this scene in the window of a store for rent. There was Mary with her child. The most precious child the world has ever known. It was 13 below freezing last night and I got out of my car to get a close-up picture of this scene, to share with you.

Are you getting a taste of the feeling of seeing Christ when he was a few days old and in his mothers arms? Just mention the name Christ or Jesus and I long to love him. I do love all children like people. Even those over 100.
I love this huge little Baby.


Friday, December 19

Moving without a place to go to

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A Spiritual Friend
My Friends hands.

Hi and welcome in. My Name is Don.
The following two pages are from a little Magazine - The Upper Room - February 2012. They say on the cover "Your place to Meet God."
Today it is December 19, 2014. I live in a tiny one room. When I was forced from my Home in 2009, I had to leave all I owned and drive away in my tiny car with "no destination in mind" I bought that Home in 1969.
Today I'm 81.
These pages below, mention Abraham - See Genesis 12: 1-9.
Prayer: Dear Lord, you gave me the strength and courage to join the fight for Justice. Give me more of your love to continue the fight which has yet to be won. Amen.


Universal Craftsman Council of Engineers -- Champlain Council No. 80

Universal Craftsman Council of Engineers
Champlain Council No. 80

Ottawa -  Montreal - Corridor
Initiated Friday 13, 2013.
 Masonic Connections.
Making Good Men Better
Harmony Lodge 131 Grand Lodge of Quebec
Alexanderia Lodge No. 439
A.F. & A.M.G.R.C.

Wednesday, December 17

The Sun is not a Nuclear furnace raging at millions of degrees - It is Electric and Cold  )

Published on Jan 28, 2013
The nuclear furnace myth of the Sun, which was created to support energy baron profits and control, is exposed by Eric Dollard for the sham it is. This invalidates all tokomak fusion reactors based on the idiotic theory that the sun is a nuke furnace. Meaning, that 48 billion dollars of taxpayer money has been wasted on this fraud called nuclear fusion.

This is how the racket is run folks, TPTB fund all of this worthless quackademic psyence in order to keep you paying for energy, which should be practically free in all applications.
Their slave system of backwards explosion based technologies insures them that we keep paying for their fuels, fighting their dirty lying wars and enriching the subhuman filth who profit from these demonic world destroying activities.

The Sun's energy comes from the Creator's still magnetic light Universe and not another dimension. The Magnetic light Universe controls all motions of our Electric Universe which gives form to Atoms, Suns, Galaxies and everything else in Creation.
The magnetic Universe is dimensionless, zero temperature and zero curvature. It is the fulcrum from which sex divided electric conditions of male and female spiraling wave forms create the illusion of the 3d Comsic Light Cinema which man calls the Electric Universe, aka "Maya".
The many absurd claims about the Sun's temperature being 30 million degress in the corona and 15 million degrees inside are therefore false. Since there is no heat in space it is impossible for the Corona to be 30 degrees, let alone 30 million degrees.

The quacks who claims these high temps reason that it is the mythical process called "nuclear fusion", which generates the x-rays which orginate in the Sun. However, your dentists use electrical methods to create x-rays which do not require these insane temps quackademicians dream up to make them appear to know something about the Sun.

Nuclear fusion is fraud concocted by the mythematicians of quackademia and does not even exist!

Heat does not travel to the Earth through the immense cold of space, it is created here as the electric wave forms coming from the sun strike matter creating an Actinic effect on Earth, moons and planets of our Solar System, which we call heat and light.


Pendle Witches

 Billy Connolly travels through "Pendle" and tells the story of pendle witches