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In Defense of the Innocent - Legally Speaking

Published on Aug 28, 2014
(Visit: Over the last two decades no criminal defense lawyer in America has had a more profound impact on advancing the rights of the convicted than has Barry Scheck. In 1992, when DNA testing was still in its infancy, Scheck, along with his colleague Peter Neufeld, founded The Innocence Project, which has since figured prominently in the release of hundreds of prison inmates. Scheck also achieved lasting fame for defending O.J. Simpson when the former football star was charged with murder. Scheck spoke with California Lawyer contributing editor Martin Lasden about his extraordinary career and the controversies surrounding it. Series: "Legally Speaking" [9/2014] [Public Affairs] [Humanities] [Show ID: 28615]
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Gilles Prevost and family at the Wesley Home, maybe for a Christmas get together

My intention is to help reveal,
The one and only true story.

And Justice.

The Story about how Denise Wesley, took over,
The Matriarchal structure, Of the Prevost Family,
When her mother died.
Will there will be a denial soon?
Story by Don Wesley 2013.

Denise, Gilles, Janine and Nicole.
This is a moment Don will never forget.
It was 2007 October 2.
And I'm using it now, December 12, 2013.
However it precedes the torture, and
Incarceration to be delivered to Don
It was the opportunity for Revenge.
for Gilles and Denise!
Suddenly they found a reason to hate.
Gilles, because I was not a separatist.
Denise, because I no longer delivered sex,
As a gift from God.
Granmma and Granpapa were now gone.
They were inclinded to believe in Don.
As Denise did not too long ago.
Denise Wesley and Don, were married in
The Month of April on the 11th day,
In the year of our Lord 1964.

This picture above was at the anniversary, 35th of Denise and Don.
Her parents were in love with Don's loving, and hugging manner.
He was the kindest man, so they believed.

Denise had started to demean Don's good reputation around the family gossip fire.

2007 October 2

Wisdom tells us, what the Devil does!
He instructs "us" to create the following:
a) Lies,

b) Destruction,
c) Stealing and the intention to
d) Kill in this order.

Add, in the recipe, Francyne, the Lady Lawyer
and Denise.
Then imagine,
Three Witches on their brooms.
Think of it as a Harry Potter scene.
stuff, but nevertheless, in our Imaginations

And only too real.
Add all these to the Family Court System
And you have what the Scientist Phillip Zimbardo,

Is talking about on TED.


The psychology of evil.

[2007 October 2.]
Don was taking the birthday picture, with "the Digital camera he gave to Denise" as a
Christmas gift the year she up and left him.
He also had given her a,

New Computer system.
Don had never ever seen,
As he took this picture, a group so happy.

Gilles, the family separatist - FLQ certified Became alive again.
Don, felt the sting in his heart.

This is part of the story Don's is telling us.
It was a surprise lunch for Gilles. And it is when Don had a premonition, that the message to the family, was that
Don had turned into a horrible-monster-man.

And this year, Denise had
Decide to leave him.
And had even more hurt to give him.

It seems funny at this moment to talk,
in this manner and tone;
Almost biblical; Delusional thinking, as
Freud has said about his
Atheist mental patient's.

I thank God for the Scottish and Irish men
Who had yet to graduate from Oxford.
I'm thinking about C.S. Lewis and John Lennox.
Professors of Literature and of Mathematics.

I know that Doctor Steven John Wesley, my son
The Psychiatrist thought, his Granma
[with her big boobs as he told her]
Was a serious and kindly old woman.
She is!
As a child he sat on her lap,
On our way back from Eleanor's Car, in Massachusetts.
Steve I is a believer in "Canada" and has 

Solid Scottish genes.
He gave me a licence plate for the front of my car "Canada" in big fat letters; it was
Dangerous to mention the word, let alone
Advertise on the family car.
Steve was my first child to leave Quebec and Move to Ontario.
Steven, our first son was short and a

Fearless Scot warrior.
Denise is also kind and fearless, when in her best Mood.

Just look at her face on as she glared at
Don for the picture she ordered him to take.

Gilles gave Don, an angry
Lecture, moments later for not replying to
call, quickly enough.

He said in French When my wife calls I come
I felt like replying
Who wears the pants in the  Prevost Family.
Denise had called Don, to the kitchen to get the Camera to take her entering with the Cake she had Baked for Gilles Birthday. None for me that year.
At this point in time she already had
Inherited her Parents money and felt
Free from Don's orders.
I never-ever ordered Denise,
I just gave her every thing, and more.
My sister Eleanor said I spoiled her from day one. Denise had a maid and a house keeper when Steven was born.
Even after the children had finished high school, Denise continued with the house keeper idea.

This day,
2007 October 2, I saw the other Personality in Denise. This Depressed me and made me
Fear what she was up to.
I discovered Shock and Injury in one Blow.
I will never ever forget.

I really saw evil and felt it that moment.
Evil is something to talk about.
Evil has the power to Kill.
Just this moment made
Don realize this was the big time plan in Operation. 
My life changed here.
Denise Wesley,
now was The Queen Bee in
Her Family and a
Whacking order had been issued
For Don.

God, I now pray to you, in Heaven.
Please allow this Photo-blog-
essay of mine,
To be seen as evidence of intention;
To kill Don, as Doctor Lundell predicted,
Denise would do.
Denise Wesley is even more clever than
Jodi Arias.
The verdict for Jodi is fist degree murder.

Tristan, told me, that he, me and his Dad, [Steven] Were the most intelligent in the Family.
Well Tristan you didn't get past your Granma's

I married her for her intelligence and her sexy Charm!
With children we adopt anther personality.
So did your Father; get to know him as your Best Friend.


Denise, Gilles, Janine and Nicole.
The whole family way back when
Don was the best of men and held up high.
Look at the Joker - Gilles Prevost
And the bewildered look of his
Daughter Maryse.
When I first met Denise, [1962] she was working as a Secretary to Paul Gelinas a  Lawyer.
She told me that Mrs. Beaty, killed her husband.
Beaty was arrested and tried for murder.
Paul worked hard and got her freed.
Denise told me this the first week we met.
She was very proud of Paul.
Denise is so very happy now, thinking she gotten away with perjury, breech of Trust and Theft between Husband or Wife.
Those who assisted her, like your Father and Uncle Michael have also escaped being caught and Arrested.

Look at her picture she made available to me on Facebook, Zoosk, t
he dating site that uses behavioural science to match people.
A very happy looking Viddoui.
Empty of him
a.k.a Denise Wesley. 

Francyne, sent me a email insisting, I must stay away from contacting Denise. However Viddoui sent me several invitations to talk to her, via Zoosk.  I kept copies of all her messages.
Here is the picture I saved, of her.
I have been faithful to only one women; the Mother of my two boys, Steven and Michael.
Even though they had helped to evict me and helped Denise to steal my home, I still love all of you.

I was worried that I might feel like committing suicide, so I asked my family Doctor to let  me talk to Psychiatrist. He did, and she asked me,
Why would you want to get back together with her when she has borderline personality disorder.

My reply was and still is I love her and she is my Soul-mate.
It is my duty to hold her tight and expect her to be "exorcised" by the catholic priests who are skilled in these matters.
I also know she no longer believed in Christ when she left me.
Her mind was controlled by
Francyne the believer in Harry Potter Stories. Francyne said I left my family and was in denial. That is the big lie, in this story.
I left no-one.
I met Michael, the afternoon on the same day I had been evicted, he was destroying and stealing my belongings. He seemed believe he was doing the right thing. He said, Mom is keeping a record of everything, I told him he was stealing, and he walked away to continue the work, my money was paying him for doing.

It also my duty as a non-violent-Christian to rebuke my family when they sinned, and I have done so privately and now publically.

The most powerful of all is knowledge; and I have kept careful records of every thing that has injured me.
Here is a picture of Michael and his "Clutter Free" Truck. He charged Denise Wesley for all they destroyed and stole from me.
His service business is not free for me. It was is a small fortune called my savings and wealth.
There are several crimes here; but for this partial story, the best crime to name is Elder Abuse.

Michael and I and Steven; we all were psycho-analyzed by Dr. Lundell. We went to get help for a family that is dysfunctional.
What was a beautiful family has seen destruction. Is it irreparable?
Is is possible that my soul-mate and sweetheart Denise are still married in the laws of Heaven?
Does Michael have the knowledge of choice in mind? Could he have avoided the wrong that he did. Could Steven have asked me questions about the lies his mother was spreading? The answer, to all these is Yes.
Will they be forgiven by God? Yes if they confess publically.
I have all ready forgiven them to save my soul.

 China - Death Row Interviews 2013
Not unlike the Jodi Arias Murder trial has shown,
The dirty little family secrets have been revealed.
Denise was injured as a child
I was injured as a child
and many more times as a teenager
and as a Father and Grandfather.
Our children have been injured.
Other family members have been injured.
As a homeless Man I am continuously being tortured.
As the Jewish Mothers declare
"enough already"
I know Denise very well, and I truly love her
and want her back again
And the whole
Family healed.
What wonderful Christmas that would make.
Gilles Prevost and family at the Wesley Home, maybe for a Christmas
get together
Email any time, and please me.
Donald Wesley,
user on YouTube
and Poster on Facebook
and a former Ted Conversatiom Member

Do all the Good you can by all the means you can...

Photo: Happy Monday!

It is best for everyone that I bring to their attention, ....
That Denise Claire Wesley [aka Denise Prevost] and her family of Court Friends, Used an Embezzlement Scheme to convey my life earnings and properties over and into their hands. An ex-RCMP Criminal Investigator working for Service-Canada, came to this conclusion. His name David Gordon: he told me this April 3, 2014,  Thursday, 1:34AM.
This is also a crime of Elder Abuse; I'm 81 years old now. We were married for 50 years. She has a repressed need to kill me. It is tucked away... inside a Dissociated Identity Disorder.

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Opening Heaven's Door

Patricia Pearson  -  Opening Heaven's Door
Published on Aug 18, 2014
Author and journalist Patricia Pearson sits down with The Agenda to discuss her new book "Opening Heaven's Door: What the Dying May Be Trying To Tell Us About Where They're Going." Pearson discusses the extraordinary experiences that occurred when her father and sister passed away in the same year, and the mysterious encounters people have met in moments of crisis, from near-death experience, to a sensed presence. What do these encounters reveal about the human condition?
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Mental disorders keep thousands of homeless on streets

It was Denise who had the mental disorder, who tricked the Courts into evicting me.
It is also a communion elder abuse crime.
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From: Victor Roth Sent:
Wednesday, August 27, 2014 6:00 PM
To: Don Wesley
Subject: Mental disorders keep thousands of homeless on streets
Check out this article from USA TODAY:
 Mental disorders keep thousands of homeless on streets
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