Thursday, December 8

Nancy Drew - the teenage girl ~ Detective

My first reading Books, were about Nancy Drew.
I was 5 years old. (1938)

She was the kind of girl I intended to marry

Nancy Drew - the teenage girl ~ Detective


President Obama saved Jobs by keeping General Motors alive.

One of the most respected experts on corporate bankruptcy in America, was the architect for that plan.

Our Leader; found and hired the architect

General Motors Manufacturing

'Canada Oshawa' ~  GM Assembly Plan

Tuesday, December 6

Injustice is the lack of or opposition to justice,

Injustice is the lack of or opposition to justice, either in reference to a particular event or act, or as a larger status quo.

The term generally refers to misuse, abuse, neglect, or malfeasance that is uncorrected or else sanctioned by a legal system.

Misuse and abuse with regard to a particular case or context may represents a systemic failure to serve the cause of justice.

Injustice means "unfairness." Injustice may be classified as a different system in comparison to different countries concept of justice and injustice.

According to Plato, he doesn't know what justice is but he knows what justice is not.

The Innocence Project provides a wealth of tragic cases in which the U.S. justice system prosecuted and convicted the wrong person.

Hopeless Love By Elias Rahbani

Hopeless Love

White House Press Briefing ~ December 5, 2016

December 5, 2016