Thursday, July 24

Pastor Tim at The Gathering House

Pastor Tim
A picture taken by
Don Wesley.
of the
Golfing Group Champion
"Pastor Tim"
The Gathering House.

He me made a meal at his Home

We argued about where Heavens are found.
It was fun.
He was the Barman this day.

Tuesday, July 22

"Our Father, Who art in heaven. Hallowed be Thy Name...."

"Our Father, Who art in heaven. Hallowed be Thy Name"From the Bible

We all need love, even God, the Energy King.

The Source of everything with intelligence... including matter.
From Don Wesley

Don, Father of Christopher,
Steven and


For You Dear Father;
Dad, [Don John Wesley]
From Steven

and gentleness combined
A gentle smile that’s warm---
a way that’s kind
The dearest friend
that one could find...
That’s a father.

Steven John Wesley.
He over heard me talk about Zen Buddhism.

However, I taught him to practice and wait for the gift of Faith from God.
No need to wonder why Steven became a Psychiatrist...
And Michael the Angel who helps;
Sometimes just himself.
And Christopher who was conceived over Christmas.

And convicted of a few crimes and in between the only son who believed in Marriage.
 He confessed and paid the price in a local Jail.

Don Wesley 1933...

A good father
But not good enough.


Monday, July 21

Part 2 of 5



Extraordinary people - Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as MPD

   - Don has decided to reveal this, because it needs to be known by everyone. After 50 years of being married to an Extraordinary wife this was revealed and he experienced what never should have happened.  A Divorce he didn't want or need. She didn't get the chance to kill him, because he escaped in time; from Quebec to Ontario.
He prays for a Miracle that they will be together again. It can be dangerous living with someone with such a disease, but he is the best person to care for his wife.
Married for 50 years! Just control the money issues and the family property and belongings, he says. This is not a matter for the courts to interfere in.
Too many Judges have similar mental illnesses.
See "Your Honor" -

Multiple Personality Disorder - amazing stories - Part 1/5
Comments by a viewer..
.....  This is an excellent documentary sharing with the viewer 3 case studies of people who are living with dissociative identity disorder formely known as multiple personality disorder caused through trauma too horrible to comprehend often in childhood in a person's family of origin - DID is known also as the 'disorder of hiddenness'  .....