Thursday, December 13

To the dance of love clip Denise Wesley

To my friend Vic,
December 13, 2012

I met Denise on the Dance Floor, in Ste. Agathe; her boyfriend was there.
I confess a personal truth; the moment I turn this clip on, I cry unstoppably; because it reminds me of her, my sweetheart.
 describes, how Denise revealed herself to me. I am using metaphors from this movie clip. "She responded wisely, with care, yet willing to learn; she accepted what I offered free of charge! I chose to remain blind to her little flaws. We became soul-mates; giving each other room to grow. I had my little flaws as well.
In a marriage put together in Heaven, we created two wonderful sons. 45 years together; then one night she left without a word.

My dreams were damaged but not broken."
I love her more today that ever before. This Christmas will be the fifth without her and my family.

To the dance of love clip.